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Welcome to The Timber Exchange!

For those of you who wondered where your waste wood ends up, the simple answer is here. 

Unlike other companies selling just firewood, Samurai Tree Care prides itself on being a green company which has a unique way of dealing with all the waste product that is created during a job. 

we are proud to say that none of our products contribute to the felling of any of Scotland woodland or native forest's

instead our products are 100% unwanted waste.

Here on The Timber Exchange, you can see live feeds & detailed descriptions of the stock we have available, to help minimise wasted time when enquiring about our products.

Some stock Available!

please take a look below at our stock, to make booking's or purchases please TEXT FIREWOOD to 07905768752 or calls us now!

New Product

Wood Nuggets - In Stock! £10 per bag

thanks to a new purchase we are now selling mixed hardwood/softwood nuggets

this product is created from branch wood, twigs & small trees these nuggets pack a punch of heat & are very versatile, they will fit any wood burning appliance & can be used as kindling. Product average measurement is 5" long & 3"-4" wide, bags will container smaller & larger nuggets as well as some debris which we try to limit. this wonderful firewood alternative is contained in a natural hessian bag to keep the product as environmentally aware as possible. smaller bags & larger loads available, contact us now and don't miss out. reduce your heating bills now!

Green wood - Available on request! (Enquire Now)

we are very passionate about working with the community & providing sustainable fuel's, So we created this source  for people if you have the space for seasoning wood & the time then we offer very good rates on wood fresh off our sites. To get on our register first you must register interest, you will then be put into our contacts book for this product, when the timber becomes available we will notify you and sell it at roadside prices. We recommend collection from our sites for the best prices or alternatively we can deliver at an arrange cost.

Green wood logs & Rounds - Available on request! (Enquire Now)

- like the above we also sell green logs and rounds. 

Green Logs;  Timber that needs to be seasoned but is already split ready for your woodshed this will be delivered by the trailer load & will take a minimum of 1 year to season (species dependent). this product will be cheaper than seasoned logs but will require drying.

Green Rounds: Timber which is freshly cut from the tree into manageable pieces delivered by the trailer load and requires splitting & drying. This product will be sold at roadside price + delivery  

Soft Wood - In Stock! WHILE IT LASTS!

Seasoned soft wood ready for winter 2020. A load will generally contain all coniferous wood such as Pine, spruce & cypress. they will burn faster but hotter.

Hardwood - Not in stock

A load will contain a variety, such as Beech, Chestnut & Sycamore. They will burn slower and for longer

Mixed Load - in stock! (limited quantity available)

A load will contain both soft and hard wood for the perfect blend of burning material.

Wood Offal - in stock!

A unique recycled product not found everywhere.

If you aren't concerned about what you put in your stove or burner and need a low price, a bag of wood offal (much like meat offal!) contains all the waste created from tree work.

Bark, off-cuts, kindling & shavings can all be found inside. But for the price, who can argue?

Sawdust -  in stock!

Great for taking care of spillages, e.g. Motor Oil. Can be spread in chicken pens or added to your own compost as a balancing agent.

Compost - Not in stock

Excellent grade of organic compost, perfect for planting or topping beds . Comes in 2 forms: Woodland & Fine Product. Woodland compost may contain some larger bits of material e.g. twigs, wood disks. 

Wood Chip - Not in stock

We sell the waste product produced by brash wood chipping, excellent for lining paths, topping beds or spreading in chicken pens. This comes in 2 forms:

Decomposed - Dark & earthy, great for planting or a woodland look.

Green - Fresh chippings containing green wood & leaf matter, great on beds/paths.

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