Seasonal Services.



Autumn is long behind us and the festive season has passed.


With all the winter cheer now behind us and focus set on the year ahead, it is very easy to be caught out for the winter.

Frost, Ice, Snow and Cold will create a nightmare for many of us this season.

Samurai Tree Care are here to help in any way possible!!

We have a whole range of winter services to suit your needs.

Gritting - For all those cold frosty mornings, we are happy to provide a gritting service to cover all your hard surfaces. Paths, Drives, Doorsteps and anywhere with Pedestrian Access.

Snow shovelling - Simply don't have the time to shovel snow from your House/Driveway? Then drop us quick text or call, and all your white worries will be taken care of.

Firewood & solid wood fuel -Running out of firewood in freezing temperatures is the fear of many people, but we are on hand to help you get stocked up! Take a look at The Timber Exchange - coming soon.