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We offer a range of services covering the below areas. However, if you have any job with which you need guidance, please feel free to contact us and we can speak with you to decide whether we can help.


Seasonal Services :- Different services offered throughout the year, such as gritting, snow and leaf clearance; please call to enquire.

Spring Grass Cutting and Lawn Care:- Take a look at our lawn cutting services, lawn creation and lawn care 

The Timber Exchange :- Take a look at our range of timber products - TBA


We hope our work and experience, gained in woodlands throughout the UK, can help you better understand, protect, and improve your desired green space. 

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We have a range of services suited to every garden, whether your gardens mature and getting the best of you or blank and needing inspiration.

We are suited to all areas of the Horticultural world, we can maintain your lawns or your grounds and create the dream you have always wished for.

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Within our vast scope of tree work, we will be able to find the perfect solution to any request regarding your domestic garden, commercial property or large Estate.

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Currently a hobby with a view to become a career, Ben has developed a want to build and create from wood. We make everyday furniture and utensils from beautiful sustainable materials, sourced through our own jobs or other independent local means; giving you a piece of nature in your very own home.

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