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Waste wood will always be present during any large structural or removal work, so we give our clients the option to keep the wood or have it removed by us.

If you're looking for firewood, but do not want the long process of letting it season and cutting it to size, then take a look at our Timber Exchange.


We understand keeping on top of nature is no easy matter, so we hope to help and guide you through the process of having work undertaken on your trees and hedges. We cover a large variety of work that can be applied to your trees;

  • Reduction - pruning

  • Crown thin - internal pruning

  • Crown lift - pruning

  • Dead wood - pruning 

  • Pollarding - heavy limb pruning 

  • Monolifting - heavy stem pruning 

  • Felling - removal 

  • Tree planting 

  • Whip and sappling training

  • Hedge height reducing

  • Hedge shaping 

  • Fruit Tree pruning  

After a removal has taken place, or you wish to plant in an area of ground where stump and root removal may be required, we can help guide and co-ordinate this process for you.

We, personally, do not remove stumps (unless they are minimal and the you are willing to cover the cost of machine rental), you will need to contact the necessary body to complete this action.

Take a look at our work in the Gallery ,or Contact us.

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