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Waste wood will always be present during any large structural or removal work, so we give our clients the option to keep the wood or have it removed by us.

If you're looking for firewood, but do not want the long process of letting it season and cutting it to size, then take a look at our Timber Exchange.


We understand keeping on top of nature is no easy matter!

 so we hope to help and guide you through the process of having work undertaken on your trees and hedges.

We cover a large variety of work that can be applied to your trees & green spaces;

Here is our helpful guide to help you establish what you think your trees & hedges might require;

Please note that most tree works are best carried out between Autumn & late winter, with some services better suited for late Spring, However that is not the same for Fruit trees which require there own species dependent pruning times.  

We also have to factor in Nesting Season which puts alot of delay on our work, this can run from as early as February & finish as late as October,

it is not defined as a set time so much as the birds being present.

If unfortunately you have birds present we will simply re-book your work for the later part of the season once they have moved on.

if your unsure if you have birds, a simple 60 minute observation during peak times such as morning and dusk will answer this;

 simply watch, tally how many times you see birds entering & leaving.

Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 it is a Criminal Offence to disturb birds, Damage nests or remove eggs or kill/injure any wild birds.

Please consult the RSPB's Website for further clarification.

  • Reduction - A form of light pruning up to a maximum of 40% of the trees crown.

  • Crown Thinning - Pruning the trees internal crown to allow passive light and airflow usually carried out on congested trees like Beech.

  • Crown lifting or Raising - Removing the lower limbs of the tree to improve shape, roots access to water & reveal the stem.

  • Dead Wooding - A saftey aspect of removing dead, dying or diseased limbs from the trees crown to promote better health of the tree and safety.

  • Pollarding - A long time sevred French method of reducing the trees crown back to structural limbs 50% on-wards to allow for a compact shape & regrowth.

  • Monolifting - Removing all of the trees limbs but retaining the stem, often used for natural habitat or on veteran & champion trees where risk of limb failure is high.

  • Felling - the skillful process of removing the tree by felling it from the base, often carried out where space is available or when harvesting timber. 

  • Tree planting - for every tree removed we try to encourage clients to replant, Samurai Tree Care will Source & install any desired tree for replanting

  • Whip & Sapling training - utilized early training can set a trees shape for the rest of its life cycle, especially useful on fruit trees or ornamental's in walled gardens.

  • Hedge height reducing - self explanatory if your beloved hedge is to large we can remove the top crown and reduce the over size back to the best formal line achievable

  • Hedge shaping - Carefully trimming and pruning the shrub, hedge or tree into the desired or required shape, which will often need reshaping annually

  • Fruit Tree pruning - Absolutely necessary to promote Healthy growth & continued fruit production  

After a removal has taken place we will try and encourage you to replant with a suitable tree or shrub, this is part of our conservation & preservation aspect but of course the final decision is your's.

After a removal a stump will be left, Samurai Tree Care does not carry out stump removal but instead we can put you in the direction of a company that will.

Take a look at our work in the Gallery ,or Contact us.

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