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Grass Cutting & LAWN CARE

With winter fresh on our minds, the last thing you want to think about is Spring and the repetitive job of cutting the lawn.

Shortly after the frost and snow clears, the grass will show through and we all realise how long it is!

Here at Samurai Tree Care, we are proud to offer a NEW full Grass Cutting & Lawn Care Service.

We use State of the art mulch mowers developed by Stiga in Sweden. their high manoeuvrability, speed and out front mulching deck means hard to reach to areas are no match for us.

Why Mulch??

Very simply mulching is he best choice for your lawn, instead of collecting and emptying our mowers simply cut all bio matter into microscopic peaces and shower it back deep in the grass leaving a finish better than most collection mowers on the market.

As a result after a few months of us caring to your lawn you will physically see a difference in the lawns health, all of the nutrients lost from collecting and composting are now put direct back into your grass leaving a greener cleaner more enjoyable lawn.

Don't believe us? Try us today by calling and having a free quotation with no obligation.

Mobile 1:- 07905768752

Mobile 2:- 07388 541058

Land line:- 01549 402323

We carry out all lawns on price for a peace of mind and a flat rate time & time again unless circumstances change. 

We are fully equipped with Ride-ons for large lawns, Pedestrian mowers for smaller lawns and hard to reach areas and of course strimmers or brushcutters for neat edges and wild areas. 

Is your lawn looking worse for wear?

Thinking of getting a professional to take care of your green space?

We can offer our

  • expert mulch cutting service 

  • full lawn care plans

  • lawn creation service's

or if your simply unsure of what your lawn requires  we are happy to offer free impartial advice. 

Call now on 079057 68752, 073885 41058 or 01549 402323


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