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About Samurai Tree Care.

Samurai Tree Care is a limited company, registered in 2024; however, we have been trading since 2013.

Samurai Tree Care is an Aboricultural outfit specialising in conservation, preservation & amenity tree care.

Our aims are simple, to provide a great service with as little environmental impact as possible.

We provide advice from the trees perspective insuring no unnecessary damage and or stress is caused during our work.

We have 10 years industry experience using the latest up to date techniques and industry equipment.

How ever we don't just stop at tree care we have been running our horticultural outfit alongside for the same time period.

Unlike other organisations, we pride ourselves by taking on all aspects of the garden.

Of course no Arboricultural organisation would be complete without knowledge of Forestry, we like to diversify and work in a variety of surroundings,

so we can bring you professional eco-minded services tailored to your needs.

call us today for any enquires on our services; 07905768752, 


we focus on delivering a high-spec professional affordable service tailored to your needs with the environment at the forefront of our work. we are very happy to offer a unique service where we will guide you from the start of any quote all the way through to the finish and we go the extra mile by offering a full aftercare service with guidance.

we are so driven on delivering the best for our clients and there green spaces that we even implement a satisfaction guarantee eligible for up to a week after we conduct any work.

by the end of your job we want to be leaving you feeling assured you made the right decision and that your green spaces will only benefit from any transformation conducted by our highly trained members of staff.

satisfaction guarantee is only permitted 1 week from the time of completion, this covers 1 minor alteration per job to the timed value of 2 hours maximum + less than half a trailer load removal and clear up. any substantial work must and will re-quoted deemed greater than a minor alteration.

samurai tree care withholds the right to turn away from any job or quote due to unsatisfactory, unhygienic or dangerous conditions or a breach of the above terms in conjunction with our aftercare or satisfaction guarantee policy. 

By agreeing to have work carried out, you accept the above terms and policies set out by Samurai Tree Care Limited.

If you are unhappy with any quote, Job, aftercare or our satisfaction guarantee please speak to us directly on 07905 768752.


Safety & Certificates.

We are NTPC & LANTRA qualified Tree Surgeons with 10 years industry experience Accompanied by a £5 million public liability scheme.

Our vast experience and industry knowledge will help guide you with the up-most professionalism and environmental awareness, to bring you peace of mind when working with us.

for more information feel free to explore our Health and Safety Policy in PDF.


Environment & Sustainability.

As a environmental company specialising in Conservation, preservation and amenity tree care we strive to do our best for the environment & our clients. 

When we carry out work we try to take as many factor's into account as possible; clients achievement, trees health, environmental impact, effects on the surrounding landscape and amenity.

we will always encourage samurai tree cares clients to Plant new tree's after any removal, unfortunately this isn't always possible but we take pride in restoring any area where a tree has once stood.

What waste?

People often ask us what happens to the waste removed from their tree or garden. and the simple answer is we take care of it in a variety of ways, waste cord or lump wood is either left onsite for firewood or taken to our yard and processed into fire wood, small branches are processed for small logs & kindling and arising's or leafs are either burned using efficient controlled  burning techniques and then the ash produced is added to our compost or composted straight from green.

Any healthy trees or plant are given a second chance in our own garden.

for more information on our waste green recycled products take a look at our Timber Exchange, our Bespoke Furniture Shop or our environmental policy in PDF

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