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Samurai Tree Care has provided tailored services to estates, luxury properties & large properties which we have provided to a range of clients for the last 7+ Years

we stride to provide reliability, excellence & the complete package, our goal is to give our client their one stop shop for Beautiful managed grounds including Lawn Care, Horticulture, Arboriculture & Forestry we want to be the company you depend on.

Over the years we have been privileged to work on some truly special properties & estates with;

  • Balnagown Estates Ltd - Looking after the fabulous Inver Oykel Lodge & Cassley Area.

  • Point Claire House - Situated just outside Invermoriston on a private peninsular in Loch Ness.

  • Linside Croy - On the Kyle Of Sutherland between Lynside & Inervan just outside of Lairg

  •  Keepers House Achany - Located just outside of Lairg on the Achany Estate this hidden secluded property is vast for a keepers house.

Over the years Samurai Tree Care has developed a strong network with there VIP clients to establish them selves as one of the best in large properties maintenance and we have been privileged to work with Entrepenuers, Millionaires & organisations alike who own these fantastic

Properties, Time & time again we deliver the results bespoke to these kinds locations. 


we offer a range of services first starting with an onsite meeting to establish the pecification and criteria of each client so we can go forth and create a tailored maintenance plan;

  • Full lawn care including; Cutting, Scarifying, Aerating & Seeding 

  • Vegetation management; Brush cutting & Strimming works

  • Aerial Tree work & Tree Inspections

  • Tree Felling

  • Planting; both Trees of varied establishment & elaborate flower schemes

  • Horticultural services; weeding, flowerbed creation & Maintenance

  • Hedging works; Shaping, Reductions & Planting

  • Gritting services

  • Rough cut mowing & vegetation Management 

  • Small Scale Forestry Mangement

  • Mulching; Bark sourcing, Transport & Installation

  • woodland path creation

  • Habitat creation

And many others....

We also have a very broad network of subcontractors for services we cant carry out such as 

  • Heavy Plant

  • Agricultural Services

  • Drainage

  • Landscaping 

  • Fencing

Please feel free to enquire by phone on 07905768752 or by email at 

we offer free no obligation quotes and services tailored to each clients exact specification.


Inveroykel Lodge, Rosehall
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LinsideCroy House.jpg
Keepers House Achany.jpg
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