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View from a 90ft Sytka spruce fell

a photo from a 90ft sytka spruce at the glorious Hope Estate, our main climber Ben got the opportunity to climbs and section fell this monster tree. the view is down to our groundsman 90ft below

Board On Site

This is one of our boards fixed to a clients fence, a small way of local advertisement.

silver birch silky removal over telepohne wire

positioning himself for the apical stem cut.

Traffic Management

a traffic management set-up on a small road near Hope Estate Tongue

Ware Silver birch

at the top of the tree

climbing 2

our main climber Ben taking down a tall skinny silver Birch tree overhanging a number of telephone wires.

Silverbirch Section Fell

cutting down sections of the stem with a chainsaw. this was a silver birch tree over hanging telephone lines in a crowded residential area.

Work at Ann Villa Lairg beech removal

A beech tree removal and 4 Pines at Ann Villa Lairg

Close up

Close up photo from the goundsmans of our main climber Ben

felling out tops At Ann Villa Lairg

a distance photo of our main climber standing on top of the stems.

View from the canopy down

A picture taken from our climber back down to the ground

Cypress Trees felling in lairg Ann Villa

a picture taken of the work carried out through the day

Cypress Ann Villa

a side photo of the work being carried out

Finished result Ann Villa Lairg

the finished product after the job all timber was neatly stacked and stumps have been cut lower since, all arising's are bagged and removed leaving a lovely neat finish

Sytka Spruce 30ft Section fell

a 30ft piece was felled in a one go to reduce the size of the tree for felling. this huge portion was felled beautifully between a cliff face and a row of sheds.

Felling 60ft of sytka spruce froma 90ft tree

the huge 60ft Goliath that was felled in one after the top and some blocks had been felled off of it.

Trunk 90ft sykta hope estate

the trunk after it was felled and sectioned

Base cut 90ft sytka

the huge root plate and the large base sections. One of which Ben brought back to Lairg and will shortly be displayed out the front of his Home

section felling timber Hope Estate

a Sub climber section felling a tall pine and a previous tree stacked neatly.

finished site on hope estate

one of the sites finished at Hope Estate this site in particular is of extremely environmental significant's and we had the great pleasure of carrying the work out at the location following strict rules.

Hope Estate Toung

A climber working on a large beech and a groundsman working on some brash on the environmental site at Hope Estate

Truck and chipper Hope Estate

A truck and chipper working on Hope Estate

Truck chipper front view

a side view of the truck and chipper on Hope Estate

Large sycamore over Dornoch Distiliery

Large Sycamore tree In Dornoch Castle Hotel over hanging the new distillery

Sycamore impacting wall in Dornoch

its stem was impacting on the ancient wall at the castle aswell as causing problems to the distillerey

Section felling sycamore over Dornoch distillery

the sycamore after our main climber Ben had removed all of the limbs

Fire wood left outside Dornoch Distillery

A large pile of firewood left for the Castle Hotel in Dornoch

Sytka Topping

A climber taking a quick break from a hot day in Beauly working on some large sytka Spruce.

Chestnut Removal

A climber very high up on a chestnut removal on a very overcast day.

Pollarding small tree's

Ben an colleague pollarding small ornamental trees.

climber in large beech Hope Estate

A climber at hope estate about to start the section fell of a large Beech tree

Hedge Cutting cypress

we also carry out hedge here is a hedge that had not been cut in at least a year and we had the pleasure of cutting it back into a neat ornamental boundary hedge.

Large hedge cutting work

Large hedge work on a rainy day shaping and trimming garden hedges

Hedge shaping

More pictures of our large hedge work.

Commercial lawn cutting InverCassley

our commercial grass cutting for Balnagown Estate working in Invercassley Village

commercial lawn cutting invercassley stores

More pictures of our grass cutting in Invercassley village, this is at the stores.

Our old vehicle and mower setup

this was our old vehicle and mower set-up used for our larger jobs, now we have a state of the art Stiga Mulch mower for cutting large areas.

London Plane Pollard

London Plane pollard In London

Felling dead elms over a listed Ducot and a sycamore fell

this is MEWP work removing dead elm trees overhanging a listed dovecot in Ardersier. Ben and a skilled operator performed the whole removal from the basket of the platform.

inside canopy

a quick snap of how we attach our ropes into the tree.

Helmet cam

A head cam shot of Ben on a Pole dismantle using spikes and 2 Side lines.

140ft Douglas Fir fell

A 140Ft tractor assisted fell of a Douglas fir that was on an estate near Forres. the wood I believe was then sent off to the saw Mill.

140ft Douglas fir stump and cut

A picture of the felling cut of the 140ft Douglas Fir

Climbers working in a gorge

climbers working in a gorge on a river bank near Cawdor Castle

Large fallen oak

A huge dead Oak tree that blew down in A storm

firewood trailer

A trailer of firewood, all of our waste wood is processed into products to be sold back to our customers. for more information take A look at The Timber Exchange


in our seasonal service sections we offer snow clearance and gritting.

snow shovelling

2 of our men clearing a path in a local garden in Lairg

Burning forestry brash

Pictures of controlled burning.

controlled Burn

controlled burn the idea is to build a fire fast and very hot allowing you to dispose of large quantity's of brash in minutes

Felling snow blind

cord wood waiting to be burnt

Ben poseing

A picture of ben poaeing ontop of a large felled willow. " you have to enjoy your job to be good at it"

Climber siloette

a silhouette of 2 climbers thinning a cherry tree.

Under a Giant Monkey Puzzle

A picture of Ben standing under a huge ancient monkey puzzle tree at Aldour estate on the banks of Lochness

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