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24 Hour Emergency Call-Out

07905768752 - BEN

When A Tree Goes Down Who are You Going To Call?

Yes We Do Mean 24Hr.

Ask yourself the question above. 

Many beautiful Scottish homes are blessed with large and mature gardens or nestled in quiet forest locations. But "God Forbid" one of nature's giants took a tumble and caused serious damage  - who is your first call?


Trees are beautiful, ancient, silent giants that create diversity in our landscape. With so many varied species & all manner of unique maintenance to be carried out on each, landowners tend to overlook the various risks their trees pose. 

You can have the best maintenance regime in place, but trees are unpredictable assets of nature, and when combined with the forces of nature, they can pose a real threat to your property and your life.

If a tree crashes down and makes contact with your building or disrupts services or infrastructure, it will need sorting sometimes immediately, or as soon as possible.


That is where we come in!

Laid out here is a simple to follow plan and our contact details 

if a tree does make contact with your property or any services/ infrastructure the first thing to do 

  1.  is ensure the safety of your family and any occupants who are in the property

  2. Check where the tree has fallen (you may not be aware of a fallen tree until a neighbour or passer by sees it)

  3. DO NOT approach it, this is an Extremely Dangerous scenario and needs to be handled by specialists

  4. Confirm if the tree has struct Power lines, Gas or fuel services.     (if so notify the fire services and the supplier immediately)

  5. if the tree is obstructing a major highway proceed to call us and notify the Police.

  6. 24Hr means, 24Hrs call us on 07905768752, 07388541058 or as a last resort 01549 402323 ( we promise to try and be as available as possible during unsocial hours but if we do not answer proceed to the next specialists who deal with problem & dangerous tree

Once you have made contact with us we will ask you these same questions followed by;

  • are you and your occupants safe?

  • has the tree made contact with your property or any services?

  • do you consider this an Emergency.                                        (please note this will greatly effect the price)

  • is the tree snapped out?, lifted root plate, leaning or fallen (on the ground)

  • would you like us to respond?

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