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Being a land owner is a recognisable title.

Unfortunately, it also comes with big responsibilities and can be a challenging task for those who do not know how to look after their green space areas.

We are happy to help advise you on matters such as restoring/tidying old woodland/spinney spaces, clearing and encouraging wildlife/regeneration, coppicing for commercial purpose and preserving and building wildlife friendly structures to promote wildlife activity.

Here are the practices we can undertake:


  • Felling

  • Selective felling

  • Monolifting

  • Coppicing

  • Thinning

  • Logging

  • Brash caging

  • Nature habitats

  • Path and ryde construction (no hard landscaping)

  • Stream/bank clearance 

  • Woodland structures 

  • Replanting

Interested in firewood? Take a look at our Timber Exchange

After a removal has taken place, or you wish to plant in an area of ground where stump and root removal may be required, we can help guide and co-ordinate this process for you. We do not remove stumps (unless they are minimal and that the client is willing to cover the cost of machine rental), you will need to contact the necessary body to complete do this.


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